Hello! I am Anaïs, I am twenty-four years old and I'm living in Brussels.
I did my studies in communication at the University of Saint-Louis (USL-B) located in Brussels and at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL). I like to travel around the world and discover new things.
For me, the Web is another to explore the world, that's why I have followed a Webdesign course.
Passionate by the UI / UX Design, I make web interface usable, ergonomic and thinking to give at the user the best experience that it's possible to create.
In my quest to surpass myself, I am ready to take on new challenges.

  • Employee Experience - World of Digits

    UX & UI Design/Layout

    World of Digits help companies to define and create a working culture that creates the best employee experience for that specific brand.

    I worked on intern projects, to improve the employees's experience. In particular on the onboarding process, I worked on the design and layout of the power point presentation, the employee hanbook and the welcome cards of the company.

  • Web interface - CEFAID

    UX/UI Design & Dev

    I work on interface design that allows me to offer you interfaces in accordance with your expectations and needs.

  • ILLUSTRATIONS - CEFAID & World of Digits

    Vector illustrations created with Adobe Illustrator.

    I worked on illustrations for the recruitment ads on Linkedin
    (World of digits)


we can't have everything,but we can try everything.


Current Location


I am still looking for new UI and UX challenges and to develop some new creative project.
Are you interested by my work ? Can we ever work together a day ? I am currently looking for new opportunities in Belgium.